Muay Thai Koh Samet Naga Bar

Naga Bar Muay Thai Koh Samet

Muay Thai Koh Samet Training

Yes you can train and watch live Muay Thai Koh Samet events on this small Island. Naga Bar Muay Thai is at the top of the hill on Hat Sai Kaew beach opposite the Reggae Pub.

Naga Bar Muay Thai

Naga Bar is open seven days a week and holds weekly live Muay Thai events. They are crowded and with a good atmosphere. The events are free to attend. The bar itself serves beers and cocktails and it is easy to find somebody to gamble with on the outcome of the fight. Naga Bar will turn into a party/disco after the fights finish with people dancing and drinking into the early hours (Sa-nook mak maak).

The training facilities are basic, one ring and one punch bag. I wouldn’t recommend this for serious long term training but for casual training or for someone who is training seriously in Bangkok or Pattaya and wants a break but to still keep fit.

Naga Bar Muay Thai Koh Samet has an extremely relaxed atmosphere. There was no charge for me and friends to use the ring for sparring, and no charge for kicking the bag. We respected that by purchasing food and drinks from the bar. The guys working behind the bar are all Muay Thai trained to some degree and all happy to spar with you in the ring.

Muay Thai Training at Koh Samet

There are no specific training times at Naga Bar, occasionally you will see what looks to be a serious competitor training himself or with a coach. If you want a training session just ask one of the guys behind the bar and pay a few baht. They are all friendly and hospitable.

Naga Bar is situated on the hill between Hat Sai Kaew beach and Ao Phai beach. Check out our map below for directions. We took the speed boat from Samet mainland directly to Hat Sai Kaew beach. It cost us 500 baht each return and you give them a time and day for collection. Don’t forget to take their mobile number. You will get hustled for a tax on arrival. Be prepared for this and don’t pay more than 200 baht each.

Muay Thai Koh Samet
Muay Thai Koh Samet


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