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Muay Thai Pattaya Twin Tiger

Muay Thai Pattaya

Twin Tiger Muay Thai Pattaya

Muay Thai Pattaya training in Thailand is a fantastic experience. Bangkok and Pattaya have many Muay Thai gyms. In Pattaya you will pay about 300 baht/ £6.00/ $8.00 for a one on one session with an ex or up and coming Champion. This session will be in the ring and will usually last about five rounds but that depends on your fitness.

At the Twin Tiger Muay Thai gym you can train seven days a week. It will be open in the morning between 8.00 and 10.00 and then again between 15.00 and 20.00. Some people will use these two sessions to train twice a day. Twin Tiger Muay Thai have their own website.

Twin Tiger Muay Thai
Twin Tiger Muay Thai

It is 300 baht a day to train at the Twin Tiger camp. For this you can train twice a day. There is also a monthly fee. But to benefit financially from this you will need to train almost everyday. Not many people can realistically manage that.

You can train for fun and fitness or you can train for fitness and competition. If you want to set up a fight just ask the boss and he will arrange something a couple of months in advance. This will give you time to train and sharpen your skills.

At Twin Tiger Muay Thai Academy there will be about five Thai guys. Mostly ex champions but still young, fit and waiting to teach you in the ring. If there are a couple of guys already training in the ring you may have to wait fifteen minutes. This is no problem as there is a whole set up of bags and weights. You will need time to warm up anyway.

You will find many people training in Pattaya. It has a real fitness culture. There are many gyms to attend and great sights and beaches to go running.

You don’t need to learn Thai language¬†to train with these Thai men. It is physical so it can be demonstrated easily. However, If you can speak a little to show respect, it will be much appreciated.

Muay Thai Pattaya
Muay Thai Pattaya

Living the Muay Thai Dream

The feeling of training everyday in the heat is unbeatable. Sweating buckets, walking around in the open air with your shorts on. The laid back Thai friendly way of life.

What I also liked about Twin Tiger Muay Thai Pattaya set up was its raised platform and open air training.


Teach English in Pattaya.