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Teaching in Pattaya

Teaching in Pattaya

I worked teaching in Pattaya, Thailand for two fantasic years.

The reason I came back was …Money, Money, Money! …Not being paid on time and running low on savings. I could not carry on with the lifestyle I had become accustomed to. Changing immigration rules also meant a lack of stability.

The advantages of coming back to the UK are a higher salary and being paid on time. There are no daft immigration rules and I bought a house in my OWN name! Also no rabies from biting dogs!

I miss the good weather, the food and the nightlife. I also miss the smiling people and the laid back way of life.

Teaching in Pattaya
Teaching in Pattaya

I would recommend going out to Thailand to teach, but don’t get hooked on the drug that is Thailand. Do your time and get out.

I do return to Thaland for holidays regularly. I have a Thai wife, we met whilst I lived there. If a stable well paid job in Thailand came about, I would certainly consider going back to live there.

Thailand is a wonderful place to explore, but keep your head down and stay out of trouble. Make sure you have enough cash to live the life you want out there. Otherwise it is like living in Disneyland and not being able to afford the rides.

All in all Teaching in Pattaya was a great experience.


‘You know how to tell if the teacher is hung over …movie day!’


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